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Pablo Andrés Pozo

Pablo Andrés Pozo is an Ecuadorian Digital Artist who studied architecture & illustration at Palermo University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was born in 1990 in Loja, Ecuador.


Inspired by his childhood video games, cartoons, and nature, his "Endless Worlds" have captivated audiences worldwide, leading him to collaborate with brands such as Xbox, Activision, and Chivas, among others.

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His detailed painting style is influenced by XV-century artist Hieronymus Bosch's surrealism and MC Esher's impossible perspectives with a colorful touch from his childhood. His work blends figurative art, storytelling, and comics, bringing complex scenes connected at different scales to life.



Pablo's "worlds" start with pencils on paper to be later meticulously digitally painted, achieving a level of detail that invites us to observe and get immersed in the painting, taking the medium to a new level of possibilities.


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The artist invites spectators to interact and decipher his work, reconnecting adults with their inner child, and inspiring kids to be curious and wonder about the world.

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Artist Statement

I remember the joy I felt drawing my world as a child and sharing it with my friends at school. I was free and curious about the things around me. Being born in the 90s, I was surrounded by the new generation of 2D and the first 3D video games, anime, and toys which enriched my life and inspired my first drawings. 


Back then, I subconsciously made my drawings interactive so my friends could play with them, solving a challenge or finding a hidden key among the detailsLater as an illustration student.


I came to realize that art, along with narrative and interaction is what makes people get involved and even become part of an artwork, so I knew I had to go back to those childhood memories and create a world from my heart like the ones I used to draw back then...





The question was, how to start?

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